Interactive Whiteboards (IWB)

In a 21st Century classroom, an interactive whiteboard (IWB) connects to a projector to display the instructor’s computer.  A large, touch-enabled surface makes it easy to deliver interactive lessons. Students can physically move objects as well as write with a pen or their finger.

An IWB can help improve student motivation and performance by making learning a dynamic classroom experience.

Manufacturers have libraries of standards-correlated lessons and instructional tips.  Regional manufacturers reps periodically visit the district, and in some cases display the latest products in demonstration rooms around the city and at tradeshows. With bundled software you can capture all your notes, screenshots, images and videos to a single file that can be opened in both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.   Certain boards enable you to e-mail saved files to students or colleagues in real time during your lesson.

IWB Types

Promethean ActivClassroom®  

SMART Board®



Polyvision ENO Click


Other legacy equipment in the district includes Mimeo, Hitachi Starboard, 3-M Vikuiti, Epson Brightlink, and eBeam.  There is no formal MNPS support for this equipment. These devices are supported through the manufacturer help desks.

Questions to ask before you buy

  1. What will you ultimately use the whiteboard for?  If only as a projection surface to show a presentation from your computer…Perhaps a simple upgrade of your projector and screen is a more prudent step.
  2. Do you share the room where you want the board to go with other teachers? This affects placement of the teacher workstation, cable length, sight lines to and from the board, etc.
  3. Would you benefit from the convenience of not having a dedicated computer for the board?
  4. How high off the floor will the board be most useful?  What is mounted on that wall now? Will the board be used for students to walk up to and write on? Will it be required to be mounted higher for your middle school or high school students?

NOTE: In the space where an IWB is to be installed, the wall surface opposite the projector must be cleared of any pre-existing board mounted to the wall. While it is possible to mount an IWB directly onto another board, it is not recommended, as it will cause your IWB to not operate at maximum capacity. A separate maintenance ticket needs to be entered in SchoolDude in order for the room to be ready for its new IWB.  A separate HelpStar ticket directed to MNPS IT department must be issued to install the IWB software into each dedicated computer in each classroom at your facility.

If you still have questions regarding interactive whiteboards please contact us by emailing

Vendor Information

At the present time, the Learning Technology Department prohibits vendors from contacting schools directly.  Vendors and manufacturers submit the latest product information through processes established by the MNPS Learning Technology Department. .

For information about local vendors/distributors of this product, please contact Tina Yahnian ~ Learning Technology Operations, at 615-298-8456, extension 2201.

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